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After what feels like a long hiatus filled with seating arrangements, catering decisions, moving, and, oh yeah, marrying my favorite man in the whole wide world, I’m back.

I’ve been thinking the blog needed a little growing up, so here we are at thimblefulofocean.  This blog is about telling the truth about life.  It’s about how we get to see just a tiny piece of the whole picture.  It’s about how we can’t contain but a drop of God’s grace.  It’s about how we sometimes settle for walking in a fraction of the faith we’ve been given.

Just so we’re clear, here are a few things thimbleful is not…

This is not a lifestyle blog.  I don’t have a styled living room, a DSLR camera, or stuff I DIY-ed to look like Anthro.  I don’t always have seasonal centerpieces on my (admittedly) awesome dining table that my husband found on Craigslist.  If you open my laundry, uh, corner in our semi-awkward second bathroom, you will not find bins with chalkboard labels announcing the contents of whatever people put in their laundry rooms in their labeled bins.  You will just find laundry.  If you’re looking for how to make your house look like Real Simple, probably they have a blog for that.


This is not a fashion blog.  I leave that to experts like The Girls with Glasses  The people who know me well would probably snicker at the idea of me having a fashion blog.  I like to shop, and I like beautiful things, but I don’t wear enough florals to The Girls with Glassesbe boho, enough neon to be edgy, or enough flannel to be hipster.  I wear what’s in my closet, which is, like, I don’t know, clothes?  My cowboy boots and cardigans and sometimes my tulle skirt from my friend Liz.


This is not an I’m-a-cute-wife-or-a-cute-mom blog.  I mean, I’m sure my someday family will be aTop Mom Blogsdorable, and I’m sure I’ll be proud of them.  I love my husband and sometimes I will write about how funny and thoughtful he is.  I love to eat, so I might share occasional culinary
(mis)adventures.   But as previously mentioned, I don’t really do cute.  (Aside: Did you know there’s even a mom blog about mom blogs??)

This is not a theology blog.  I love theology, and I love learning about Jesus, and reading insightful authors who have walked with God well, but this is not a theology blog.  I’m not going to attempt to give you a date for the Second Coming.  I’m not going to translate Galatians from the Greek and tell you why the passive verbs are super important (but really, they are).  I’m not going to write spiritual gift quizzes.  There are other people who already have that stuff wired.

This is a tell-the-truth-about-life blog.  I might take a non-DSLR picture of my aforementioned dining table and talk about how ho
sting a dinner party is less about what kind of cheese you’re buying and more about your commitment to community.  I might IMG_9932write about my obsession with denim and tulle and boots.  I might tell you the truth about how my husband is a Romantic but not necessarily romantic, and how that’s ok.  I might talk about how my prayer life has ebbed and flowed and how right now it’s more ebb than flow.

But I’m not committing to just writing about one of those things.  Sorry.  Can’t.

I’m really glad you’re here, and I look forward to the adventures we will meet together,


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